"I'm very pleased with the parts that Jonathan came up with: they are in keeping with the style of the music, in time (a very important consideration - I didn't need to "warp" them at all), natural and with creative touches that transform merely satisfactory tracks into ones that I'd be happy to release. Perhaps the best recommendation is the fact that I wish that I had given him four tunes to work on instead of three! I will be back"

- Phil Edwards (Guitarist/Composer)

From my home studio, I am able to offer drum kit and percussion track recording. Whether you are looking for drum tracks for a short radio jingle or full album project, I can provide professionally recorded drum tracks using a range of high quality drums and microphones. I have a range of snare drums to cater for every musical situation. The instrument collection is expanding all the time! 

If you are interested in some drum tracks for your project, please get in touch via the contact tab. We can then discuss the project and I can send you an accurate quote. 

I am also available for location studio recordings and live shows.

Please check out some of the samples below:

How does it work?

1) Get in touch!

Contact me via phone or email with details of your project. I'll then provide you with an accurate quote for your project. I don't have a fixed price per song as there is so much variation in song length/part complexity etc. Send me your guide track as well as any MIDI drum parts/drum tracks that you already have

2) Recording

I will head into the studio and record the drum kit/percussion parts to your specification

3) Listen

Once I’ve recorded your drum kit/percussion tracks, I’ll send you an Mp3 mix of your track with my drums mixed in. At this point we can discuss any changes/amendments at no extra cost.

4) Download

When you’re happy, I’ll send you an invoice. Shortly after you’ll receive a download link to download the high quality files. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to drag and drop them straight into your DAW and mix to your heart's content!